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Footsteps2Brilliance - Your Free Early Learning Literacy Program

Footsteps2Brilliance_girlFootsteps2Brilliance for Children and the Million Word Challenge

Early learning literacy program provides free ebooks and digital educational games to promote reading and vocabulary skills in pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade children

The City of Buena Park is supporting one of the most innovative learning programs designed to develop reading skills in young children.

Buena Park School District (BPSD) Superintendent Greg Magnuson, Buena Park Mayor Art Brown, and Buena Park Library Director Mary McCasland are challenging all pre-k through 3rd grade children to read one million words by the end of the year through the fun and interactive program, Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc.

The BPSD has partnered with Footsteps2Brilliance, the creators of an early learning mobile technology platform. The program enables the City to provide free libraries of stimulating ebooks and educational games to every family with pre-K through 3rd grade students who live within the Buena Park zip code and service areas.

The program is part of the BPSD’s plan to drive a city-wide reading initiative using smartphones, tablets and computers. This transformative literacy effort also supports the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence.

Footsteps2Brillance is filled with essential vocabulary and reading comprehension skills to help children excel in school today and in the future. Learning can now be easy, interactive and most of all, fun.

According to, "The landmark Hart & Risley study on language development shows that many children enter school with only 25 percent of the vocabulary needed for academic success; and fewer than 50 percent of parents are reading to their children on a daily basis."

"Investing in a city-wide early learning initiative is a smart strategy," says Mayor Brown. "Starting the educational trajectory at an earlier age will create stronger opportunities for our students’ future, which will boost Buena Park’s future economic potential. I commend Superintendent Magnuson’s vision to create a scalable strategy that incorporates the families and community and launches us into the 21st century."

Mary McCasland shares, "We are excited about the opportunity to further enhance the literacy attainment of all our residents in Buena Park by offering a literacy tool that parents and children can access 24/7 in both English and Spanish. Our community will truly benefit from the decision made by the leadership of Buena Park."

"Superintendent Magnuson’s Model Innovation City is the first of its kind in the Orange County, Southern California area," said Ilene Rosenthal, Co-Founder & CEO of Footsteps2Brilliance. "This unique city-wide collaboration will bring the community together to support children around literacy and will serve as an innovative early learning model for the United States,"

Footsteps2Brilliance is currently being used by students throughout the City. For more information, please contact the BPSD at (714) 522-8412.