What do I do when it’s over?


It’s when the shaking stops or the toxic cloud blows away that the real work starts – putting the pieces back together.

Find Each Other

Safe and Well (American Red Cross)
Sano y Salvo


Reconnect and Recover (Earthquake Country Alliance)
Earthquakes (FEMA) (click on “After” tab)
Earthquake Safety Checklist (American Red Cross)
Seguridad Contra Los Terremotos
지진 관련 안전 점검 사항


Returning Home after a Hurricane or Flood (American Red Cross)
Regreso al Hogar después de un Huracán o una Inundación
Repairing Your Flooded Home (American Red Cross)  
Cómo Reaprar su Hogar Inundado

Hazardous Materials Incident

Hazardous Materials Incidents (FEMA) (click on “After” tab)
Incidentes con materiales peligrosos (haga clic en "Después" pestaña)
위험 물질 사고 (“이후”  탭  클릭 하십시요)


Food and Water Safety During Power Outages and Floods (US Food & Drug Administration)
Seguridad alimentaria y del agua en caso de apagones eléctricos e inundaciones


Response & Recovery for Art, Heirlooms and Cultural Heritage Materials (Smithsonian)


What am I preparing for?
How do I prepare?
How do I know if something’s happening?
What do I do if something happens?