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What do I do if something happens?


When a disaster comes to visit, you won’t have time to Google what to do. Learn how to respond now.


Protect Yourself During an Earthquake...Drop, Cover, and Hold On! (American Red Cross)

Drop, Cover and Hold On (Earthquake Country Alliance)
¡Agáchese! ¡Cúbrase! ¡Agárrese!
엎드려서 몸을 가리고 단 단한 가구를 붙잡으십시오


Flood Flash Card (NOAA)
Flood Safety Checklist (American Red Cross)
Seguridad en caso de inundaciones
홍수 관련 안전 점검 사항

Hazardous Materials Accidents

Hazardous Materials Incidents (FEMA) (Scroll down to “During”)
Incidentes con materiales peligrosos
위험 물질 사고
Shelter in Place or Evacuate? (Los Angeles County)
Fact Sheet on Shelter-in-Place (American Red Cross)
Resguardo en el lugar donde se encuentra en caso de emergencia
Coping with Shelter-in-Place Emergencies (American Red Cross)

  • Do as you’re told: evacuate or shelter-in-place.
  • Sheltering in place is more than just closing the window. Prepare ahead of time, especially if you live near the freeways, railroad tracks, the industrial area in northwest Buena Park, or a business that stores a large amount of chemicals (such as a propane or pool-supply store).


In Case of Outage: Safety Checklist (Southern California Edison) 
Power Outage Checklist (American Red Cross)
Seguridad en Caso de Apagones
정전 점검 사항
Safe Generator Use (American Red Cross)


Cover Your Cough (Minnesota Department of Health) 
Cubra su Tos
Stopping the Spread of Germs at Home, Work & School (Centers for Disease Control)
Detener propagación de gérmenes: hogar, trabajo y escuela
독감 점검 사항 (American Red Cross)


What am I preparing for?
How do I prepare?
How do I know if something’s happening?
What do I do when it’s over?