What am I preparing for?


Southern California is a disaster theme park. We get all kinds of badness here, from high winds all the way up to major earthquakes. You need to know at least the basics about our local kinds of disasters so you have an idea of how they might affect you.

MyHazards (Cal OES)

  • Plug in your address – at home, at work, at school – and see if you’re at risk from earthquakes, floods, landslides, wildfires or tsunamis.

What might happen here in Buena Park? Here’s information about the most likely types of emergencies in our city.

Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country (Southern California Earthquake Center)
Echando Raíces en Tierra de Terremotos

  • Everything you’d want to know about earthquake risks, preparing for earthquakes, and what to do when an earthquake happens.

Floods (FEMA)

  • Some parts of Buena Park can flood (and have flooded) when all the wrong conditions come together.

Stay Out, Stay Alive (Orange County)

  • Channel, river and creek safety tips.

Hazardous Materials Accidents
Hazardous Materials incidents (FEMA)

  • HAZMAT incidents can come from truck wrecks, train derailments, or the pool-supply warehouse next door.

Heat Waves
Heat Wave Safety Checklist
(American Red Cross)
Seguridad en caso de ola de calor
폭염 관련 안전 점검 사항

  • We live in a desert -- it gets hot. What to do when it gets *really* hot.

All About Outages (Southern California Edison)

  • Why the lights go out, and how they get fixed.

Pandemics and Disease
Invasive mosquitoes alert
(OC Mosquito & Vector Control District)
Alerta de Especies Invasoras

  • Tropical diseases are here, and more are coming. Here's how they get around. (HHS)

  • The latest news on this year’s flu strain, and pandemic safety.

You probably don’t spend all your time in Buena Park. What other things happen in Orange County?

Firewise (NFPA)

Landslides and Mudslides (Los Angeles County)

  • You don’t need an earthquake to make the earth move.

Tsunami Preparedness (CA Office of Emergency Services)

  • You saw what these did in Japan and Indonesia. If you go to the beach, you should know about tsunamis.

Nuclear Power Plants (FEMA)

  • San Onofre is dead, but it still has nasty things inside


How do I prepare?     
How do I know if something’s happening?   
What do I do if something happens?   
What do I do when it’s over?