Water Hazard Mitigation


The City of Buena Bark and 18 water and wastewater utilities throughout Orange County are in the process of updating the 2012 Orange County Regional Water & Wastewater Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP). The HMP provides a framework for water and wastewater utilities in Orange County to reduce their vulnerability to the impacts of natural and man-made hazard events such as earthquakes, flooding, and hazardous materials spills.

How can the public become involved in the Hazard Mitigation planning process?

Public participation in the process is important because it helps raise awareness of the hazards we face in Orange County and the actions needed to mitigate those hazards. By participating in the process, you will be taking time to consider the hazards in our communities, the impact of those hazards on life and property, actions that need to be taken to reduce that impact, and the priority those actions should take. The City of Buena Park will consider all input from the public and integrate it into the plan where appropriate. Your comments, questions, ideas, and concerns will have a significant role in the plan’s finalization.

Public Review
Your review of the plan will help the Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) Planning Team better understand the hazards in your area and how they could affect the city. The updated hazard mitigation plan can be downloaded using the following link in the Mitigation section:

Contact Us
Comments and questions may be submitted to Utilities Manager, Mike Grisso at or (714) 562-3705.