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Traffic Management Center


Traffic Operations

The Traffic and Transoprtation Division of the Public Works Department maintains an advanced Traffic Management Center (TMC) in City Hall.  The TMC allows communications between the City Traffic and Transportation Manager, Dennis D. Barnes, and multiple intersections around the City.  There are two primary focuses of the TMC, intersection control and video monitoring.

Intersection Control

Intersection control is a broad topic, but refers primarily to the way in which an intersection is programmed to operate.  Operation of an intersection is divided into a number of sequences, called "phases."  Each phase of operation in an intersection is an individual traffic movement.  For example, a very common intersection configuration has 8 phases, one for each turning movement (north, south, east, and west) and one for each thru movement (north, south, east, and west).  Control of these phases is handled by a "signal controller" which registers every vehicle that passes over a vehicle detector.

Intersection control is accomplished using a software program called "i2 Advanced Traffic Management System" ©, made by the Siemens corporation.  This program, which appears as a street map of the City, interprets signals from the signal controllers and can show exactly what is happening at a given intersection.  The software also allows the Traffic and Transportation Manager to make changes to the operation of an intersection should they be needed.

Video Monitoring

Video monitoring is the use of one or more CCTV video cameras at an intersection which are used to monitor traffic flow.  The City of Buena Park has a number of such cameras at intersections around the City.  These cameras feed directly into the TMC and allow staff to see whether or not traffic if flowing well at a particular location.  When used in conjunction with the "i2" software, the cameras can help the Traffic and Transportation Manager to immediately determine the impact of a change in the operation of an intersection.