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The City Traffic and Transportation Department falls under the Director of Public Works, and is a part of the overall Public Works Division. The head of the Traffic and Transportation Department is Principal Engineer Deepthi Arabolu. Also in the Traffic and Transportation Department is an Assistant Engineer, a Senior Engineering Technician, and a Signing and Striping crew.


The Traffic and Transportation Department performs a number of daily functions in the City, but the major function of the department is the operation and maintenance of more than 80 signalized intersections which are within the City of Buena Park.  The department also works jointly with several other cities.  In these projects, we work together to enhance traffic signal coordination between cities.  Other major functions of the department include the placement and maintenance of traffic signs (stop, yield, speed limit, etc.) and street markings, citizen reports about transportation issues in the city, implementation of traffic signal synchronization projects, and performing engineering and traffic surveys.

Common Documents

There are several common documents that are commonly requested of the Traffic and Transportation Department, and they can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Buena Park Truck Route Map
This map shows the streets in the city where commercial trucks are permitted by ordinance.

Buena Park Speed Limit Map
This map shows the location of all city streets with a speed limit greater than 25 miles per hour. This map is taken from Buena Park Municipal Code (BPMC) section 10.24.010, which contains the official speed limits for any street with a limit of greater than 25 MPH.

Buena Park ADT Map
The Average Daily Traffic (ADT) map shows the results of the most recent city ADT counts.  ADT is defined as the average number of vehicles, in both directions of travel, that use a road segment on a given day.

Buena Park Truck Traffic Map
This map shows the ADT percentages for commercial vehicles on all city truck routes.

Contact Us

You can contact the Traffic and Transportation Division at (714) 562-3670