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Placing a dumpster on the street requires an encroachment permit from this department. Please use this form to request a permit. Some of the requirements for this permit include:

  • Must be requested by the property owner or written authorization from the owner must be provided
  • There is a permit fee of $85 and a refundable deposit of an additional $100
  • All dumpsters must be obtained from Park Disposal (city disposal company)
    • Exception: if you own your own disposal bin and are disposing the waste yourself, you can use your own disposal bin (however, a permit is still required)
  • All permitted dumpsters must be placed on the street in front of the address on the application. They may not be placed in front of adjacent properties.

Please note that if the dumpster is placed entirely on private property, it does not require a permit from Public Works. For residences, dumpsters (on private property) must be placed on the driveway or other paved areas - they may not be placed on lawns or landscaped areas.

Applying for a Dumpster Permit

At this time, there are three ways to apply for a dumpster permit.

  • In person (see address below)
  • By E-mail
  • By mail (see address below)

City of Buena Park
Department of Public Works
6650 Beach Blvd
Buena Park, CA  90622

Pods/Storage Pods

Pods and/or storage pods use an identical process to the dumpster permit process. Please see the above directions for these permits.