The Public Works Department is responsible for permitting and inspecting all work done within the public right-of-way (ROW), and this work always requires a permit. Please remember that in some cases, a pre-job inspection may be needed before a permit can be issued.

Some of the things that permits are needed for include:

  • Widening or replacing your driveway approach
  • Having a dumpster placed in front of your property
  • Landscaping work between the sidewalk and curb
  • Closing streets for block parties
  • Repairing your sewer connection to a city main
  • Transporting over-sized loads
  • Repairing your water connection to a city main or meter box
  • Parking permits (where applicable)

Permits for work in the right of way are rarely over the counter permits. Most permits require review and approval prior to work. It can take up to three weeks to issue an encroachment permit depending on the type work being done. Please plan accordingly.

Different types of permits have different application forms. Please use the links at the left to get the appropriate application forms for the work you are doing.

Permit fees are determined at the time of permit approval. For questions about permit fees or how to obtain a permit, please contact the Engineering Services Division at (714) 562-3670.

Water Pollution Controls

Public Construction Projects: Water Pollution Control Plan (WPCP) Preparation.  A Water Pollution Control Plan (WPCP) must be prepared and approved for public construction projects with soil disturbance areas of under one acre in total.  The following are links to the WPCP template and the CASQA Construction Runoff BMP Manual.

Pre-Construction Meetings and Inspections

If applicable, contractors are required to schedule a pre-construction meeting in the field with a City Inspector, no less than 48-hours prior to the start of construction. In some cases a pre-construction meeting will be required prior to the issuance of a permit. Inspections for lane closures, excavations, detours, hauling, or final inspections require 24-hour notice. To schedule a pre-construction meeting or inspection, please call the Engineering Services Division at (714) 562-3670.

Insurance Requirements

Please see this form for the latest Buena Park insurance requirements.