Support Services


Worrall, Gary 2017 (1)The Support Services Division is led by Captain Gary Worrall. Captain Worrall began his law enforcement career as a police officer with the Buena Park Police Department in 1990.

The Support Services Division, as the name suggests, provides support to our uniformed personnel. This support takes shape in responsibilities ranging from processing records and reports, to the follow-up investigations by our Detectives and Forensic Specialists. the Division is comprised of two bureaus: Administrative Services and Investigative Bureau.




Administrative Services

Crime Prevention and Neighborhood Watch

The Crime Prevention Unit provides the Buena Park community with outstanding programs such as Neighborhood Watch, home and business security inspections, Halloween safety, police station tours, and emergency preparedness.

Neighborhood Watch - Neighborhood Watch is a crime prevention program that enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with law enforcement, to reduce crime in the community. Residents are encouraged to become involved in the Neighborhood Watch Program.

Watch Mail - Watch Mail is a group email information system in which community members may subscribe to receive Police Department updates and safety information. Sign up by sending an email to Your email address will be kept confidential.

Questions about Watch Mail, or to schedule a Neighborhood Watch meeting in your neighborhood:
(714) 562-3993 or

Press Information Officer

The Press Information Officer (PIO) is the official spokesperson of the Police Department on behalf of the Chief of Police, and is responsible for the dissemination of information and inquiries from the public and media about Department statistics, operations, and special-interest items. Additionally, he/she is responsible to scheduling and coordinating press conferences and live broadcast on behalf of the agency.

PIO, Sergeant Michael Lovchik, at (714) 562-3915 or at


The Records Bureau is responsible for the maintenance of confidential police records, the operation of specialized teletype systems and multiple other law enforcement systems. Police Clerks prepare police reports for public release, clearance letters, criminal history checks, as well as type, distribute and file all necessary paperwork to the court system. In addition, they also assist in searching female arrestees, transportation of female arrestees, caring for children of arrestees, and processing stolen, stored and recovered vehicles.

The Records Bureau should be contacted to report vehicle repossessions, private party impounds, obtain stored vehicle information, 11590 HS Registrant appointments and for clearance letters.

Records Bureau (714) 562-3925
Bureau Fax (714) 523-2911


Investigative Bureau


The Investigations Bureau consists of Detectives and support staff who conduct follow-up investigations on criminal cases and prepare them for presentation to the District Attorney's Office. The Bureau is divided into three separate units focusing on specific areas of crime: Crimes Against Persons, Crimes Against Property, and Vice and Narcotics.

Detective Bureau (714) 562-3971 or (714) 562-3977


Three Forensic Specialists serve in the Crime Scene Investigation Unit, providing coverage at crime scenes on a seven-day-a-week basis. Each specialist is highly trained in areas regarding the collection and identification of physical evidence. The Forensic Specialists document crime scenes using digital photography, video equipment, and computer-aided sketches. They are able to locate the smallest particles of evidence through the use of specialized equipment.

Forensics/Crime Scene Investigation Unit  (714) 562-3947


The Property and Evidence Technician is responsible for logging and maintaining all items received until there is a final court adjudication. Each year, the Technician receives and processes well over 11,000 pieces of property.

Property and Evidence (714) 562-3922