LT NunesThe Operations Division is led by Captain Frank Nunes.

The Operations Division has an authorized strength of 68 full-time and 25 part-time employees. These are the most visible members of our Police Department. They serve the public 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and are usually what are referred to as the "first responders". The primary mission of the Operations Division is to proactively reduce criminal activity and increase the quality of life for the Buena Park community. Whether it be an emergency call for service, traffic collision or a member of the public coming into the Police Department for assistance, it is someone from the Operations Division that will most likely be the first person our community will come into contact with.




The Patrol Bureau is the largest of the Department, consisting of Officers, Corporals, Sergeants, and Lieutenants who provide service the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Police Lieutenants function as Patrol Watch Commanders who lead the Patrol Bureau, coordinating the necessary resources for their Officers and Sergeants. Police Sergeants provide guidance, coaching, and training for the Officers and Corporals under their command. The Sergeants are responsible for all field operations and take charge of critical incidents as they occur within the City. The Patrol Bureau's staffing consists of Police Officers and Corporals, Canine Officers, School Resource Officers, and the Problem-Oriented Policing Team.

Patrol Officers are divided into shifts for each day of the week. The City of Buena Park is divided into areas known as "beats". Officers are assigned a beat during each shift; usually the same beat so they become familiar with crime trends and form bonds with residents and business owners.

Additionally, civilian Police Service Aides and Community Service Aides assist the community, both as the first point of contact for the public who come into the Police Station, and out in the City by responding to cold calls for service, those that involve circumstances where there is little or no suspect information or active leads to pursue.

Community Impact Team (C.I.T.)

The Community Impact Team (C.I.T.) addresses quality of life issues, emerging crime trends and problem areas in the community. C.I.T. allows the Department to direct resources to a specific problem without diverting patrol officers. Our Crime Analysis Unit provides this team with daily criminal informational data that can effectively and efficiently deal with community problems.

This multifaceted team also targets large and small quantity dealers of illicit narcotics, prostitution, and enforces gambling and liquor laws.

C.I.T. works closely with the City's Code Enforcement staff. The joint effort, known as the Neighborhood Improvement Task Force, maintains and improves the City's neighborhoods and housing through the enforcement of property maintenance, zoning ordinances, building, and healthy and safety codes.

The philosophy of the Community Impact Team is to address quality of life issues and crime reduction through highly proactive policing, using crime analysis data and directed enforcement following creative problem-oriented policing strategies.

Contact Information:
C.I.T. Team (714) 562-3984

Bright Paths Program

The Bright Paths Program works to help homeless individuals in Buena Park transition off the streets and become independent, functioning members of the community by providing the necessary resources, such as temporary housing, rehabilitation programs, and general assistance. The Police Department has dedicated two police officers as Homeless Liaison Officers. These officers perform outreach with homeless individuals, establishing relationships with the hope that the outcome would be that individual transitions off the streets and ultimately reduces crime rates for burglaries, trespassing, drug-related crimes and other misdemeanors, as well as reducing calls-for-service related to homelessness.
For more information on the Bright Paths Program, click here.


The Traffic Bureau's primary purpose is public safety by reducing traffic accidents on the streets and roadways. This is an important role as more people are killed or injured in traffic collisions than violent crimes. The Traffic Bureau accomplishes this goal by:

  • High Visibility
  • Stopping and citing or warning traffic violators
  • Conducting driver-safety campaigns such as:
    • "Click-it or Ticket" to encourage the use of seatbelts
    • "Distracted Driver" enforcement to discourage cell phone use while driving
    • DUI checkpoints to educate the public about the dangers of driving under the influence
    • School safety programs educating school-age children about the dangers vehicles can present
    • "Watch 4 Cars!" campaign aiming to prevent accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists
    • Conducting directed patrol in high accident areas
    • Conducting special enforcement details to combat DUI incidents

The second responsibility of the Traffic Bureau is to investigate collisions and determine the cause(s) based upon statements and evidence. All Traffic Bureau officers have received extensive training on the investigation of accidents. They have the ability to recreate major traffic accident scenes and are often the experts relied upon in court proceedings resulting from traffic accidents.

Contact Traffic Bureau:
(714) 562-3940 or (714) 562-3941


The Communications Unit is the hub of the Buena Park Police Department. From the centralized Dispatch Center, all calls for service are received, evaluated, and prioritized by highly trained Police Dispatchers. The Communications Unit provides the primary link between the needs of our community and the Police Department. It is staffed with two Lead Dispatchers, eight full-time Dispatchers and eight per-diem Dispatchers to fill all shifts needed 24 hours a day.

The technology in the Dispatch Center utilizes a computer-aided dispatch system, and the center is equipped with a variety of video monitors, helping Dispatchers to view various locations throughout the City. Dispatchers must be able to answer hundred of incoming calls each day, determining the best course of action. They must also have a strong foundation of knowledge regarding City, County and State laws and local geography.

Emergency 9-1-1
Non-Emergency (714) 562-3902
Alarm Company (714) 521-1121 (for monitoring and activations)

School Resource Officer Program

The Fullerton Joint Union High School District and BPPD work together to institute the School Resource Officer (SRO) Program. The program provides uniformed Police Officers who work on the Buena Park High School campus during school hours. Officers assigned to the SRO Program teach alcohol and drug prevention courses to the students and are present at many of the school's sporting events and other organized activities. The SRO's are available to the students and faculty offering advice, guidance, and counseling.

After witnessing the positive benefits of the SRO Program, the BP Junior High School also staffed a part-time SRO during the afternoon hours on school days, working with at-risk students and breaking down barriers between students and their Police Department at an early age.

SRO Office at BPHS (714) 992-8737
Buena Park High School (714) 992-8601
Buena Park Junior High (714) 522-8491