Recent routine water sampling tested positive for Coliform Bacteria in Buena Park. Although this is not an emergency, you can find more information by visiting our Public Works page


Shop, Dine and Play in Buena Park


Buena Park has a lot to offer when it comes to entertainment venues, restaurants, and retail shops.  Its premier retail and entertainment centers are along Beach and La Palma Boulevards. We encourage all residents, businesses, and visitors to shop, dine and play at our local destinations and experience the City's unique charm and diversity.   Shopping and dining in Buena Park will keep local dollars in the community to support local services.  

Here are a few of the exciting businesses we have in Buena Park to shop, dine and play! 


 Knotts                   BP Mall               Porto's

Medieval Times          The Source           Pirates


  Kirkorian                John's Incredible   Rock & Brews1


                     Farrells                Visit BP                                 




The City of Buena Park has launched Today611, which is a free, online City directory of every Buena Park business, club or organization, along with updated city news, events and information, all in one place with easy access from your smartphone or laptop.  To find local businesses, clubs and organizations, please visit