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Replace that leaky roof, remodel your outdated kitchen and bathroom or install energy efficient windows - you decide!

The City of Buena Park provides loans up to $60,000 to qualified home owners to improve their homes, at 0% for seniors 55 and older and 3% interest for non-seniors. The level of assistance that the City may provide is determined by household income eligibility.   Click here for current income limits.   If your household income are within the income limits, a Home Improvement Program pre-application is required for consideration.  For more information, click here for the Home Improvement Program Guide or call Economic Development at (714) 562-3586.



 Income Eligibility:                  

80% or below of County Median  Income            
 Maximum Loan Amount:                                       $60,000

 Interest Rate:   


0% interest for Seniors 55 years and over; 3% simple interest for 54 years and under for a maximum of 30 years; payments deferred until sale or transfer of ownership
 Term: 30 years or upon sale, transfer of ownership or equity is taken out of property