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Exhibiting Artist Program



Exhibiting Artists


The Exhibiting Artists program was created by the Cultural and Fine Arts Commission over 30 years ago as an opportunity for emerging and professional artists - local, national and international - to showcase their work.  This is a free event, open to all.

Council Chambers

The Exhibiting Artist Program provides exhibition opportunities for new and emerging artists, creating  a visual dialogue between artists and the Buena Park community.  The program currently accepts submissions via email in the following categories: photography, drawing/painting, graphic design and mixed media. 

Interested artists are encouraged to submit an exhibition proposal that includes their artist statement, resume or C.V. and 10-15 hi-res jpeg images of their work (through dropbox). Our exhibition schedule is booked through early 2018 but we will accept submissions on a rolling basis. Qualified submissions will be reviewed in the beginning of the year by the Exhibiting Artist committee and selected artists will be contacted for an exhibition. Art organizations and curators interested in coordinating an exhibit with us are also encouraged to apply!

Please click here for complete guidelines and application form.

Complete proposals should be submitted to Maya Mackrandilal,  Fine Arts Coordinator at Only email submissions will be accepted. For more information regarding the Exhibiting Artist program, call the  Fine Arts Division at (714) 562-3868. 

Exhibitions are held every six to eight weeks at the Buena Park City Hall, Council Chamber, 6650 Beach Blvd. Viewing is by appointment only; please call the Fine Arts Division at (714) 562-3868.



 Social Media.Frida Group Show Reception.2017

 September 12 - November 2, 2017

Frida Kahlo’s life and work has served as inspiration to artists of many identities for decades. Chicanx, Latinx, Feminist, and LGBTQI communities see Kahlo’s work as a celebration of Indigenous heritage, a challenge to fixed identities, a contemplation of the feminine, an exploration of the bounded and unboundedness of the body, and so much more. The title for this show comes from Zora Neale Hurston’s seminal novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God. Although Kahlo’s work has often been described as Surrealist, she resisted the label, asserting, “I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality”.  The exhibition showcases seventeen artists who have been inspired by Kahlo, whether through her iconic portrait, her engagement with form, her use of color, the subjects she explored, or the fearless way she lived.


 Double Take- Elaine Hughes and Cyndi Bemel (1)

July 24 - September 7, 2017

Cyndi Bemel, a resident of South Pasadena, CA expresses her curiosity about people and their world through her photography. As a freelance journalist and radio producer, she has developed the ability to connect with a wide array of people and capture the many facets of life in various communities.

Elaine Hughes, a resident of Buena Park, CA creates textured paintings that invite the viewer to take a moment to be still and find the beauty in simple moments. Born and raised on Southern California, the coast is an important setting for many of her paintings.


 Katie McGuire.Exhibiting Artist.2017

May 4 -July 13, 2017

A Los Angeles based artist, Katie McGuire creates portraits of people in an altered, dreamlike, and magical way using color, pattern, shape, and paint texture techniques.  She uses bright, improbable, and skewed amalgamations of color to illustrate dissimilar aspects of the body and personality.   Utilizing her distinctive paint application technique is how she transmits sentiment and sensation.  Her aim is to create a world that oscillates between the surreal and real.


John Barney.Exhibiting Artist.2017

 February 14 - March 23, 2017

John Barney is an award-winning abstract expressionist artist based in Long Beach, CA.  He believes that the psychological dimension is the vehicle through which a work of art communicates and evokes an emotional response from the viewer. Color and texture are two aspects of this process that allows his work to make an emotional impact.  Combining these in an abstract expressionist style encourages the viewer to learn something about themselves - on a deep, subconscious level - during the viewing experience.  For more information about Barney, please visit 

Al Shelton

The Old McKettric Place by Al Shelton

November 22 - December 30, 2016

A prolific painter, and leather art craftsman, Shelton lived a humble life in his art studio in Hollywood California, creating evocative images of the American West, drawing from his own life story as well as other modes of inspiration. His paintings, saddles, and western wear are collected worldwide by lovers of the American West, including many actors from Hollywood's golden age.

Arts For Wellness Orange County

October 11-November 18, 2016

Arts for Wellness Orange County (AWOC) advocates for arts events, classes, and workshops in the community.  The association is open to all artist and supporters of the arts.  A broad variety of art disciplines are represented including visual (fine arts, crafts, digital arts, photography, film and video), music, dance literary, and theatre.

Marius Menea

Current Exhibition 

Exhibition Dates: August 30 - October 7, 2016

Marius Menea is a Romanian-born artist living in Southern California. The ninth of thirteen children and the father of two, Marius' work brings enthusiasm, passion and hope through the exploration of the color, line, dimension and complexities and intricacies of time, thought, and existence in this brink of a world.

 Endless Summer

Exhibiting Artists.California Dreaming.2016 

Exhibition Dates: July 6 - August 26, 2016

Artists shared their creative spirit at our Endless Summer Group Art Exhibition. Designed for both emerging and established artists, this exhibition showcased work celebrating the look, feel and texture of California with visual art.

Alexis Lennon

Alexis Lennon

Exhibition Dates: May 10 - July 1, 2016

Alexis Lennon is an accomplished fine art painter and connoisseur of all things creative.  With a subtle minimalistic approach, Alexis creates intense personal moments masterfully created by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal.  Alexis expands her abilities through diving deep inside into her mind, where she says the inspiration comes from a place somewhere between a prayer and a dream.

Michael Payton

 Michael Payton
March 29 - May 6, 2016

Michael Payton has had a passion for rock & roll, art and guitars since he was a teen growing up in Southern California.  An avid guitar player, Michael rediscovered his love for painting as an adult and found a way to fuse his musical passions into a unique brand of art.  In a style that combines realism with abstract and finishes with a pop art touch, Michael recreates the instruments that have shaped the musical tastes of rock for the decades.

Arts For Wellness Orange County

Canyon Bouquet by Theresa Boyd

August 25 - December 31, 2015

Arts for Wellness Orange County (AWOC) advocates for arts events, classes, and workshops in the community.  The association is open to all artist and supporters of the arts.  A broad variety of art disciplines are represented including visual (fine arts, crafts, digital arts, photography, film and video), music, dance literary, and theatre.

Arts For Wellness OC invites the community to attend their open reception on Thursday, October 8 from 2:00 - 3:30pm in the Buena Park City Hall Council Chamber.  For more information about the reception please contact the Cultural/Fine Arts Division at (714) 562-3868.

Dani Vinokurov

Sunshine and Shadow

June 30 - August 21, 2015

Dani is a storyteller. Her collages are equal parts magic, dreamscape, folk art, and nature. Her visual narrative is told through tiny ink drawings, meticulous paper cuts, watercolor washes, miniature weavings, and embroidery. Each collage creates an environment where the conscious and subconscious minds intersect; a place of luscious and whimsical environments where flora and fauna interact with repeat-pattern design to tell a story of femininity, folklore, and fantasy. For more information about the artist and her work, visit

Jack Azua



May 5 – June 26, 2015


Jack Azua is a professional fine art photographer specializing in capturing his extensive journeys throughout the Southwestern United States. His photographs are thoughtful reflections of the places and people he has met throughout his travels. With emphasis on the Sierra Nevada region, his current collection encompasses sweeping panoramas and timeless portraits demonstrating the unsurpassed beauty and timelessness of the most geographically diverse area in America.His diverse body of work has most recently been exhibited in the Los Angeles Join Photography Exhibition of Chinese and American Photographers.

Toti O’Brien


March 3 – May 1, 2015

Whimsical and enchanting, Toti O’ Brien’s collages are composed of personal fragments – drawings, paintings, and photographs – all carefully created by the artist. Using meticulous craft skills such as embroidering, appliqué’ and beadwork as well as recycled and found materials, Toti’s interesting compositions allow viewers of all ages to discover and delight.


A Los Angeles based artist, musician and poet, Toti O’Brien has exhibited in group and solo shows, in the US and Europe, for the last 20 years. Her work was on view in the Charmsexhibition - as part of the Glendale GALA series - and In light of Shadowsexhibition at Brand Gallery in Glendale. For more information about the artist and her work, visit