Gym Classes for Kids


Youth Organized Play-Volleyball (Coed)

O.P. Basketball

4 Weeks Fee:  $37.00
Instructor: Gymnasium Staff 
July 23                  Tue/Thur      7-14yrs      5:00-6:00pm
August 28            Tue/Thur      7-14yrs      5:00-6:00pm


Youth Organized Play-Basketball (Coed)

4 Weeks Fee: $37.00
Instructor: Gymnasium Staff
July 23                Mon/Wed         7-10yrs     5:00-6:00pm
July 23                Mon/Wed        11-14yrs   6:00-7:00pm
July 24                Tue/Thur          9-14yrs     6:00-7:00pm

August 20          Mon/Wed         7-10yrs     5:00-6:00pm
August 20          Mon/Wed        11-14yrs    6:00-7:00pm
August 28          Tue/Thur          9-14yrs     6:00-7:00pm

Little Stars Basketball Class

Volleyball Class


6 Weeks Fee: $27.00
Instructor: Gymnasium Staff
July 14             Saturdays      5-6yrs       11:00-11:50am
August 25       Saturdays      5-6yrs       11:00-11:50am

Little Stars Multi Sport Class

6 Weeks Fee: $27.00
Instructor: Gymnasium Staff
July 14              Saturdays       2-3yrs      10:00-10:50am
August 25        Saturdays       2-3yrs      10:00-10:50am

Little Stars Parent & Me Class

Little Stars Soccer

6 Weeks Fee: $27.00
Instructor: Gymnasium Staff
July 14              Saturdays        2-3yrs       9:00-9:50am
Augsut 25        Saturdays        2-3yrs       9:00-9:50am



Registration is easy!  If you would like to register in person, you can visit the Buena Park Community Center at 6688 Beach Blvd. Office Hours.  Registration is also accepted at the gym during regular operating hours. Gym Schedule.