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Zoning Ordinance


To View the Buena Park Zoning Ordinance click here and proceed to Title 19 of the Buena Park Municipal Code.

The Buena Park Zoning Ordinance is a critical component to help implement the City’s General Plan. It helps to ensure that the growth and development of the City is attractive, efficient and humane: and that health, safety, prosperity, enjoyment, and general welfare of those who reside, work, or visit in the City is served to the optimum degree. The Buena Park Municipal Code is located with Title 19 of the Buena Park Municipal Code.

The Buena Park City Code is a compilation of the City's ordinances. Ordinances are local laws adopted by the City Council. An ordinance is the most binding form of action taken by the City Council, and the violation of which may be a misdemeanor, unless, by ordinance, it is made an infraction.

The Zoning Ordinance is Title 19 of the Buena Park City Code and pertains to zoning and land use. The layout and format for Title 19 differ from the other titles to assist homeowners and developers in finding information.