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Mixed Use Redevelopment of the Nabisco Foods processing facility site


The proposed project is a development plan to build approximately 149 townhomes, an approximately 100-room hotel, and one or two auto dealerships on 14.5 acres of vacant land in the City of Buena Park. The subject site is located at the northwest corner of Artesia Boulevard and Rostrata Avenue, near the I-5/Artesia Boulevard Interchange and just west of the Buena Park Auto Center area. This land has been cleared of the previous Nabisco Food manufacturing facilities, which occupied this site and adjacent land to the west for several decades until they were demolished and removed between 2007 and 2009.

Below is the draft Intital Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration and associated appendices.

Inital Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration

Appendix A - Air Quality and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Appendix B - Geotechnical Report and Grading Plan Review

Appendix C - Health Risk Assessment

Appendix D - Phase I and II ESAs

Appendix E - Noise Technical Report

Appendix F - FAA and Orange County ALUC References

Appendix G - Traffic Study

Appendix H - OCSD References and Correspondence

Appendix I - Sewer & Water Flow Analyses