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Healthy Buena Park


Healthy Buena Park

The 2035 General Plan describes the 25 year vision for Buena Park as a city with healthy neighborhoods, a thriving economy, and a strong sense of community based on local history.

Factors that can impact health are social and economic factors - which may impact access to health-care; persons characteristics and behaviors, this includes - genes as well as lifestyle choices; and the physical environment, which include - pollution levels, and neighborhoods that lack safe walking routes, grocery stores with healthy food options, and health facilities etc.

The City strives toward providing a healthy living environment for its citizens. Our Community Development, Community Services, Public Works, and Police Departments collaborate with community members, businesses, and other stakeholders, to improve the quality of life of our residents and work force.  We are proud to offer our Community Garden to the community. The City is also home to a weekly farmers market.

The City has actively sought grant opportunities to address community health concerns by collaborating with local jurisdictions and community health partners. One of these efforts sparked the formation of the FIT Committee in 2016, a group where various departments at City Hall are working collectively with residents to identify key goals that would increase opportunities for physical activity, safe routes to school, and healthy nutrition for residents.

To create more opportunities for non-motorized transportation, the city adopted a Complete Streets Master Plan that proposes infrastructure enhancements to certain corridors and streets. Buena Park also coordinated a multi-city event called Meet on Beach that encouraged members of the community to explore multiple modes of transportation including walking, bicycling, skateboarding, etc.

Explore these and more initiatives in the following page - Healthy Buena Park Campaigns and Initiatives