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Draft Ordinances for Massage Establishments


The City will be processing the following draft ordinances regarding massage establishment zoning and operating standards. The ordinances will provide for appropriate regulation of massage establishments and massage therapists to promote community compatibility in compliance with State law. The ordinances will incorporate minimum proximity requirements, update the entitlement process, and establish operating standards for massage establishments and massage therapists. The proposed regulatory controls and operating standards include the requirement for background check by the Buena Park Police Department, requirement for existing massage establishment to apply for a massage establishment permit within 45 days of ordinance adoption, and a minimum 500 ft. separation requirement from other massage establishments, schools, churches, and parks. A Conditional Use Permit will be required for new massage establishments. If the zoning ordinance is adopted by the City Council, any existing massage establishment operating in a zone where massage establishments are no longer permitted by right shall be a nonconforming use subject to the provisions of Chapter 19.204 Non Conforming Uses and Sites of the Buena Park Municipal Code providing that such nonconforming use shall be discontinued within five years of the effective date of this Section.

Next Steps
A Planning Commission public hearing to consider a recommendation to the City Council regarding the ordinance for massage establishment zoning standards is scheduled for December 16, 2015. A City Council public hearing for consideration of the Planning Commission recommendation regarding massage establishment zoning standards and simultaneous City Council consideration of the ordinance regarding massage establishment services and therapists is scheduled for January 12, 2016. Separate legal notice will be provided for each public hearing.

For additional information, please contact Jay Saltzberg, Planning Manager, at or (714) 562-3615.

Draft Ordinance for Massage Permits

Draft Ordinance for Massage Establishments