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Butterfly Palladium


Butterfly Palladium

Butterflies have an apparent infinite variety of structure, form, color, and movement in the media of light and air. The experience of the Butterfly Palladium strives to find a commonality of these concepts as expressed through fanciful forms played against strong and simple shapes, the use of textural and colorful materials, and a play of light.

The Greenhouse is the main event. It will provide an environment suitable for butterflies, plants found in the rainforest, and of course people. It is a 17,000 sf cylindrical shape engaging Beach Boulevard and sets the tone of the project.

The Butterfly Palladium lobby is a large gathering space with butterfly roofs above letting in light. The world’s largest jellyfish aquarium is featured in the lobby.

Development Plans

Site Access and Parking Study

Approved Development Agreement DA16-005