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Vehicle & Property Maintenance


Inoperable and Abandoned Vehicles
Vehicles that are left abandoned, dismantled, or wrecked including vehicles with missing engine parts or flat tires are considered inoperable when they are located in the public view. Code Enforcement encourages residents to either repair their inoperable vehicles, or remove them from the public view.

Parking on the Front Lawn
In an effort to keep the residential neighborhoods looking attractive, the Buena Park Zoning Code requires that all vehicles be parked within a garage, carport or upon an approved paved driveway.

Vehicle Parking During Street Sweeping
To assist the City in maintaining the City streets and to avoid receiving a parking citation, please comply with the posted street signs that prohibit street parking on the designated street sweeping day.

Trash and Debris
Disposing of unused items including lumber, junk, trash or debris is important in maintaining a clean community and it also eliminates the attraction of insects and rodents.

Landscape Maintenance
The removal of weeds, dead trees and/or dying vegetation can eliminate an unsightly appearance to the property and it protects the health and safety of the general public.