Enforcing Agency
The Southeast Area Animal Control Authority (SEAACA) provides animal care and control services to the citizens of Buena Park. The animal care shelter is located at 9777 Seaaca St., Downey, CA, 90241. Animal control inquiries can be forwarded to SEAACA by calling (714) 562-DOGS or (562) 803-3301.

Number of Dogs and Cats
Each residential property can have no more than a total of three dogs and three cats over the age of six months.

For the safety of your dog and others around you, please make sure that whenever your dog leaves its licensed premises, it is on a leash and under control of a person competent to restrain the dog.

Animal Waste
Whether walking your dog or maintaining your animal's licensed premises, it is important to immediately dispose of animal waste so that odors and the excessive breeding of flies do not interfere with the comfort of nearby residents and the animals.

Barking Dogs
When a dog excessively barks, howls or yelps, it creates a great discomfort to the peace and quiet of those residing in a neighborhood. Please attend to your dogs' needs that will minimize the excessive barking, howling or yelping.

Vector Control 
The Orange County Vector Control District (OCVCD) is one of over 100 agencies statewide specifically dedicated to protecting public health by controlling rats, flies, mosquitoes, fire ants and other vector related problems.