Code Enforcement


Thank you for your support and interest in keeping the City of Buena Park an attractive and safe community for our residents, businesses, and tourists. To contact Code Enforcement or for more information please call (714) 562-3642.

The Neighborhood Improvement/Code Enforcement Division maintains and improves the City's neighborhoods and housing stock through the enforcement of property maintenance and zoning ordinances, building codes, and health and safety code. The division is responsible for proactive property inspections through the City's Neighborhood Improvement Task Force, code enforcement inquiries, citizen complaints, responses, legal proceedings, and the development and implementation of abatement procedures/programs to address problem areas within the City impacted by high crime and property deterioration. The public/private partnerships established between property owners, residents and Neighborhood Improvement staff has significantly reduced the number of blighted properties throughout the community. The Neighborhood Improvement Program and Task Force has been successful in identifying and cleaning up many blighted buildings in low and moderate income areas.

"Providing Quality Service to Make Buena Park a Better Place to Live, Work and Visit"


The Code Enforcement website directory contains information that educates citizens on how to identify and resolve the most commonly violated municipal codes that may cause a depreciation of property values or threaten the public's general health and safety. Listed within this directory are various codes and helpful information to assist residents maintain and enhance the quality of life in Buena Park's residential areas, the entertainment corridor, and business districts.

Mutual cooperation and citizen participation are two important factors in abating code violations. Please help us preserve a safe and attractive community by abating violations on your property that have been identified in this directory or by contacting the City of Buena Park Code Enforcement Division to inquire about or to report a code violation that needs attention.