Building Division



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The Building Division is responsible for the health, safety and welfare of the community by ensuring that all newly constructed and remodeled buildings on private property conform to the City's Building Codes and ordinances. This is accomplished through the building permit and inspection process.

With a few minor exceptions, building permits are required for all structural, electrical, plumbing, heating and air-conditioning work. Permits for work that is minor in nature are usually issued directly over-the-counter. Other projects will require professionally prepared plans and specifications, which will need to be reviewed (under a separate fee) for code compliance prior to the issuance of building permits.

Once a permit is issued, the Building Division then conducts inspections of work during various stages of the construction process. This is done to verify compliance with the City’s building codes and the approved plans, as applicable.

In addition to issuing permits for new construction, the Building Division is also responsible for or provides services for the following:

  • Issuance of permits for the demolition of abandoned or dilapidated buildings and other structures.
  • Property permit records
  • Temporary Use Permit (TUP) applications
  • The intake of plans for projects within the city limits that require review by the Orange County Fire Authority (OCFA). These include, but are not limited to:
  • Fire master plans
  • Architectural plans
  • Fire sprinkler plans
  • Kitchen hood fire suppression plans
  • High-piled storage plans

The Building Division public counter is located inside city hall.

  • The front counter is open Monday-Thursday and alternating Fridays, from 7:30am to 5:30pm for all general inquiries. 
  • New plan check submittals, resubmittals and revisions to approved plans are accepted in- person only, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm.
  • Plan check submittals on work Friday's are limited to resubmittals and revisions to approved plans (submitted in-person only) between the hours of 8:00am to 4:00pm - no new plan check submittals.
  • Permit issuance services are available daily between 7:45am to 4:30pm.

  For holiday closures, please refer to the City calendar.

If you any questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to contact us at (714) 562-3636.