Communications and Marketing


The Communications and Marketing Division is responsible for developing and delivering a comprehensive communications program for the City of Buena Park. This Division works to inform the community about City issues, programs and events and to increase awareness, interest, understanding and involvement with the services they offer.

Communications and Marketing coordinates all efforts related to a consistent and cohesive message through the use of print, television, video, Internet and social media. These include a combination of traditional as well as emerging methods such as:

Communications Program Goals and Objectives include:

  • Serve as the communications link between the City, its 83,000+ residents, business communities and area stakeholders.
  • Increase interest and engagement in City services, programs and activities.
  • Ensure transparency and easy access to information and services via a diverse media portfolio – print, video, Internet, television.
  • Build community pride among City of Buena Park residents.
  • Promote City Council and departmental goals, initiatives, programs and services by providing technical support in the areas of graphic design/print, video production, web integration, etc.
  • Keep employees and elected officials informed to assist them in serving the community.
  • Ensure the news media has timely, accurate information to assist in promoting City programs, events and activities.

For additional information regarding the Communications Division please contact:

Communications and Marketing
Phone: (714) 562-3550