City Manager


City of Buena Park
6650 Beach Boulevard, Second Floor DSC_1048_G
Buena Park, CA 90622

Aaron France, City Manager
Phone: (714) 562-3550 
Fax: (714) 562-3559
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The Office of the City Manager also directly manages the following City functions:

  • Legislation Advocacy -  The City will advocate on local, state, and federal legislation that could affect the quality of life for Buena Park citizens. Generally speaking, legislative advocacy is reserved for issues that will significantly impact service levels or funding here in the City of Buena Park. Find your local elected representatives:
  • Emergency Medical Transportation Services


    The City Manager is appointed by the City Council as the administrative head of the City. He is responsible to direct the daily operations of the City, enforce City laws, to prepare the municipal budget, and to implement the policies and programs initiated by the City Council. The City Manager appoints all of the department heads and directly oversees their operations.

    Aaron France, Buena Park’s City Manager, assumed the role of City Manager in March 2021.

    France began his career with the City of Buena Park in 2005, as an Administrative Analyst in the City Manager’s office. He was appointed Assistant to the City Manager in 2012, and promoted to Deputy City Manager in 2017 and then Assistant City Manager in 2018, where he oversaw the Economic Development Division, Purchasing Division, Visit Buena Park, and the City’s marketing and social media efforts.

    France holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from California State University Fullerton, and earned his Master’s Degree in Public Administration.


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