City Manager


City of Buena Park
6650 Beach Boulevard, Second Floor vanderpool 2013
Buena Park, CA 90622

James B. Vanderpool, City Manager
Phone: (714) 562-3550 
Fax: (714) 562-3559
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The Office of the City Manager also directly manages the following City functions:

    The City Manager is appointed by the City Council as the administrative head of the City. He is responsible to direct the daily operations of the City, enforce City laws, to prepare the municipal budget, and to implement the policies and programs initiated by the City Council. The City Manager appoints all of the department heads and directly oversees their operations.

    The City Manager for the City of Buena Park is James B. Vanderpool. Mr. Vanderpool was appointed City Manager effective July 13, 2012. He has been with the City of Buena Park for over 17 years. Mr. Vanderpool served as Deputy City Manager prior to his appointment. In his capacity as Deputy City Manager, he directed the Internal Support Services Department, inclusive of the Human Resources/Risk Management and Purchasing Divisions. Mr. Vanderpool is also responsible for the City's Convention and Visitor's Bureau (Visit Buena Park) and its Communications and Marketing efforts. He has successfully re-branded the Buena Park destination, helping to increase visibility in the tourism world and attract visitors to Buena Park.

    Prior to his role as Deputy City Manager, Mr. Vanderpool was Assistant to the City Manager, overseeing the Orange County Fire Authority and Animal Control Services contracts. He was also responsible for legislative advocacy, working closely with County, State and Federal representatives to ensure Buena Park's voice in legislative matters.

    Originally hired by the City of Buena Park in the Public Works Department, Mr. Vanderpoool administered the City's Capital Improvement Projects and assisted with the administration of the City's maintenance operations.

    Mr. Vanderpool holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration and a Master of Business Administration degree.


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