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Citizens Advisory Committee


The Community Development Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) shall consist of seven members who are residents of the City and represent the various demographic characteristics of the areas to be served by the Community Development Block Grant program as required by Federal HUD regulations.

Meetings are held as needed. Because the processing of Community Block Grant funds must be done in a timely manner each year, meetings will be periodic, but all members are expected to cooperate by attending all meetings. It will be the policy of the committee that any member who is absent from more than two consecutive meetings will be terminated.

General Purpose and Duties

  1. Assist in ongoing planning, programming, and budgeting of Community Development Block Grant funds.
  2. Assist in adopting community development programs, evaluating progress on approved and/or completed community development projects and responding to new issues by preparing recommendations to the City Council.
  3. The committee is advisory in nature and has no authority to expend funds.

Terms of Office
Members shall be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council for a term of three years.

City Council Resolution; HUD Regulations

Economic Development Department