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Citizen Involvement


How To Be Heard

As a resident of the City of Buena Park, you are encouraged to voice your opinions and desires as well as become actively involved in the legislative process through City Council, commission, and committee meetings. All such meetings are open to the public, and the meeting agenda are available for your review 72 hours before the meeting. View the most recent City Council Agenda here.

At each meeting citizens may speak on any agenda item or during oral communications. If you wish to speak at a meeting, please fill out a speaker identification form and hand it to the City Clerk. Speakers will be asked to approach the lectern and state their name and address clearly. Remarks are limited to five minutes and should be kept brief and to the point.

Becoming familiar with the City staff who serves you and your City is an important part of becoming involved. City staff presiding at City Council meetings include the:

  • City Council is the policy-making body;
  • City Manager is the chief administrative officer responsible for carrying out Council policy;
  • City Clerk is the local official for elections, legislation, and public records;
  • City Attorney acts as chief legal advisor to the City Council and staff;
  • Department Directors supervise the functions of eight operating departments
    • Police
    • Fire (Orange County Fire Authority)
    • Community Development (Building/Planning)
    • Economic Development (Business Growth/Redevelopment)
    • Public Works (Streets/Water/Trash)
    • Recreation, Parks and Community Services
    • Finance (Accounting/Water Billing)
    • Human Resources (Personnel)