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YOUR efforts make a big difference

Post Date:01/15/2019 11:12 AM

BUENA PARK, Calif.-- Now that the rainy season has arrived, you’ve probably pulled out the umbrellas and switched your sprinkler system to a winter setting. Have you also taken steps to reduce storm water pollution at your home?

Storm water is rain or snow that doesn’t soak into the ground, but instead flows into local waterways. Along the way, it picks up pollutants such as litter, lawn clippings, pesticides, motor oil and pet waste from impervious surfaces such as rooftops, driveways and roadways. The storm water then flows into our creeks, rivers, lakes, bays, wetlands and ocean, threatening our water quality and aquatic life. Today, storm water remains one of the largest polluters of our streams and ocean.

City Runoff

 Follow these 10 easy tips to reduce storm water pollution: 

1. Rake up and dispose of leaves, lawn and plant clippings

2. Pick up litter on streets and sidewalks

3. Pick up pet waste and place in the trash

4. Secure trashcan lids to keep them from opening during heavy rain or wind

5. Use environmentally-safe cat litter or another absorbent material for outdoor spills

6. Maintain your vehicle to avoid oil and other fluid leakage

7. Take hazardous waste such as paint, batteries and cleaners to a household hazardous waste collection center

8. Use non-toxic pesticides and fertilizers, and never water after applying

9. Install permeable pavers in your yard

10. Redirect water runoff to plant areas or collection barrels

Remember, the Ocean Begins at Your Front Door. For more information on how to prevent water pollution or to report a water pollution problem, visit

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